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Curtis Potter & Willie Nelson

“Six Hours At The Pedernales”



1.  Nothings Changed, Nothings New

2.  Chase The Moon

3.  Are You Sure

4.  The Party's Over

5.  We're Not Talking Anymore

6.  Turn Me Loose And Let Me Swing

7.  Once You’re Past The Blues

8.  It Won’t Be Easy

9.  Stray Cats, Cowboys And Girls Of The Night

10.  The Best Worst Thing

11.   It Should Be Easier Now

12.  My Own Peculiar Way

CD $13.95


$13.95 CD

Songs Of The Cherokee Cowboy


1.  The Songs Of The

Cherokee Cowboy

(Duet with Willie Nelson)

2.  Danny Boy

3.  If She Could See Me Now

4.  I Love You So Much It Hurts Me

5.  Sittin’ and Thinkin’

6.  I Won’t Mention It Again (Duet with Ken Garrett)

7.  Walk Me To The Door

8.  I’m Still Not Over You

9.  It Should Be Easier Now

10.  Soft Rain

11.  Healing Hands Of Time

12.  Night Life

The Survivors II


1. KissingYour Picture

2.  Love Don’t See That Side Of You   
3.  I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name   
4.  Darling Are You Ever Coming Home
5.  She’ll Keep Bringing All Her Love To Me  
6.  Lucky Me  
7.  I Saw My Castles Fall Today  
8.  May Time My Lady  
9.  Touch My Heart   
10.  I’ll Keep On Loving You   
11.  If This Was Texas  
12.  Who Am I 


Curtis Potter

"The Potter's Touch"


You Wouldn't Cross the Street (to Say Goodbye)

The End

Darkness On the Face of the Earth

 Bring Me Sunshine

 Will Love Still Feel Like a Song?

 I Don't Wanna Cry

 Once More With Feeling

 That's What I Do Best

 Sweet Memories

 Will You Ever Know?

 Some Other World

 A Fool Such as I

 Family Bible



The Potter's Touch

$13.95 The Survivors

Curtis Potter, Tony Booth, & Darrell McCall

The Survivors

1. Wasted Words

2.  Your Memory Is Killing Me

3.  Case Of Sorrow

4.  You Can't Take It With You

5.  My Confession

6.  Forever Yours

7.  Down At Ginny's

8.  There She Goes

9.  I'll See You In My Dreams Tonight

10.  Whiskey Man

11.  Love Don't Care

12.  It Is No Secret

Curtis Potter delivers the finest in this superb collection of classic country music featuring twin fiddles and superb guitars.  "Down In Texas Today" is the third album from Heart of Texas Records on Curtis Potter.

The album opens with the upbeat "One Away From One Too Many Heartaches" written by long time Potter friend Ray Pennington. Pennington also contributes "Then I Can Face Your Memory" and "So Many Ways To Say Goodbye".

Potter also calls on some other legendary songwriters for this project including Hank Cochran and Red Lane on "I Wish It Was That Easy Going Home." Heart of Texas artist Leona Williams also lends her harmony vocals on the beautiful ballad. Cochran also contributes "We Never Touch At All"-a song that Merle Haggard also recorded in the 1980's.

"I have always been a fan of the Texas shuffle and story songs," Potter said. "I really enjoyed recording 'Down In Texas Today' and 'If This Was Texas'. These songs show some of the special aspects of Texas."

$13.95 CD

Curtis Potter

"Down In Texas Today"


1) One Away From One Too Many Heartaches 2) Old Loves Never Die 3) I Wish It Was That Easy Going Home 4) Heart of a Clown 5) If This Was Texas 6) Then I Can Face Your Memory 7) We Never Touch At All 8) So Many Ways To Say Goodby 9) The Farther I Go With You

10) Oklahoma Sunshine

11) A Man With No Soul At All

12) Down In Texas Today

Potter rounds out "Down In Texas Today" with the Dave Kirby composition 'Old Loves Never Die' which he feels could be hit today, 'Oklahoma Sunshine' 'A Man With No Soul At All' and 'So Many Ways To Say Goodbye'.

Potter calls on some of the finest Nashville musicians to be a part of "Down In Texas Today" including Buddy Emmons, Dave Kirby, Jimmy Capps, David Smith, Kevin Malone, Rob Hajacos, Hank Sanger and Bunky Keels.

After a successful triple bypass surgery and artery replacement in January of 2006, Potter continues to tour throughout the Southwest.

A special "Tribute To Curtis Potter" in Priddy, Texas, allowed many of Curtis' friends and fans to gather and show their appreciation to this great vocalists. Johnny Bush, Darrell McCall, Tony Booth, Jake Hooker, Frankie Miller, Joe Paul Nichols, Fiddlin Frenchie Burke, Billy Mata, Justin Trevino
and Jody Nix among others came together to honor Potter.

"We are so happy to have Curtis Potter on Heart of Texas Records," Heart of Texas Records President Tracy Pitcox said. "He has one of the finest voices in Country Music and fans all over the world. This is the third album and now all the Step One masters are all available for his many fans."

Texas Legend Curtis Potter releases his first album on Heart of Texas Records "Them Old Honky Tonks". The project is full of great fiddle and steel guitar.

Curtis Potter

$13.95 CD

Curtis Potter

"Them Old Honky Tonks"

1) Them Old Honky Tonks Are Calling Me Again 2) I'll Never Always Love You 3) Holding On To Holding On 4) I Could Never Love You Now 5) That's Why Were Not Talking 6) Every Time I Hear That Fiddle 7) Faraway Feeling 8) I Can't Keep My Mind Off Of You 9) Lost In The Shuffle 10) Let Me Love In Peace 11) I'm Not Crazy Yet 12) The Day You Left Me


Nashville superpickers Dave Kirby and Buddy Emmons featured on this special project.

1)Chicago Dancin' Girls 2)If You Look A Little Less 3)She's Leaving and I'm Almost Gone 4)Blue Eyes Weren't Meant To Cry 5)A Better Way To Love 6)The Only One I Hold Against Her 7)Texas Had To Be Created 8)Am I Blue 9)I'm Not Supposed To Care 10)Best Worst Thing 11)Twin Fiddles Turn Me On 12)Waltz I Can Never Forget


$13.95 CD

Curtis Potter

"Chicago Dancin' Girls"

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"I have done lots of interviews through the years and I feel most comfortable talking to Tracy.  He knows the right questions to ask and I feel that it is because he knows Real Country Music.  Tracy understands where the Heart of a Country Song comes from so he gets right to the entertainers soft spot and pulls our their true feelings.  He gets a little more out of us than most people.  Read "Legendary Conversations" and you will know what I mean.  Tracy Pitcox, there is no doubt that you are the best."
Forward From Leona Williams

"Meeting someone who so loves and is so devoted to pure Country Music is amazing.  I knew I'd met one of these people several years ago when I met Tracy!  Tracy's love for traditional Country is evident in all he does to promote artists, as me.  He is truly an asset to all that loves this music. I'm just lucky to be able to call him a dear sweet friend."
Book Liners From Loretta Lynn


Legendary Conversations
With A Texas Disc Jockey

This 360 page book contains interviews with over eighty Country Music legends including George Jones, Dolly Parton, Tom T. Hall, Ray Price, Ferlin Husky, Curtis Potter, Darrell McCall, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Leona Williams, Grandpa Jones, Tammy Wynette, Ferlin Husky, Justin Tubb, Curtis Potter, Johnny Bush, Charley Pride, Big Bill Lister and many more.

The interviews are captured just as they were heard over the air on KNEL FM 95.3 in Brady, Texas, between these greats in the music business and disc jockey Tracy Pitcox during the last twenty years.  This is truly a piece of Country Music history.

Legendary Conversations is also highlighted by ninety eight photos of Country Music entertainers and copies of letters from Jim Reeves, Grandpa Jones, Pee Wee King, Loretta Lynn, Justin Tubb and Floyd Tillman.


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