With the February issue 2011 (issue number 103) Maverick took a brave step forward by becoming an online and PDF download publication only. Ceasing the printed magazine was a move that allowed savings, to the magazine and to their customers and current readership, who saw a monthly saving of 1.50 and a subscription saving of 15.00 a year. This and the massive cut in publishing costs for the small team at Maverick Towers has enabled them to focus on a very positive future.

Stepping into the digital world has seen the team embracing the changing face of technology. With so many people owning portable readers such as the Amazon Kindle, the iPad and even iPhones, the technology is now there to allow you to pick up a copy of Maverick wherever you are in the world. Plus with the PDF download option, the magazine can be saved, printed, and shared, as well as allowing viewing even when you have no internet available. The pricing option is now a flat rate Worldwide 2 per issue, allowing significant savings to important overseas customers who had to account for the extreme postage rates. Alongside this, is the ability to connect to the multi-media world and they will soon be focusing their attention on integrating easier navigation, multi-media players and possible musical embellishments, that will only explore the industry more than ever before possible.

The new-found possibilities for the magazine are an exciting development to a publication that has become much loved and an important part of the Independent music scene. As artists continue to put their efforts into their music, Maverick continues to spread the word, now by every means possible and reaching further than ever before.

Embracing social networking such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter has been an important step in securing their future and the thousands of supporters they have gained world-wide continue to appreciate Maverick’s passionate efforts to bring the music they love to the forefront. Also supporting headline acts in the mix, the magazine proves to be just as eclectic as before, and believes in an overlapping of genres whilst supporting country, folk, bluegrass and roots music amongst others.

This individuality is what has shaped Maverick’s promising future - from page to page it looks nothing like a regular country music publication. Featuring a vast amount of content including over 100 CD reviews a month, tour dates, live gig reports and detailed features, there’s no denying Maverick offers something for everyone.

Maverick is currently offering a free sample copy of the new PDF download format so make sure you email for your free copy.


 Maverick Magazine is a 100 page full colour monthly music publication featuring the best of country, folk, bluegrass and roots music, whilst believing in overlapping genres and steadfastly supporting the independent recording artists of today.

Featuring over 100 CD reviews every month, alongside a comprehensive tour dates listing, detailed features, live gig reports and news section, the magazine is a monthly guide to the industry. Based in the UK but covering events and artists world-wide this digital publication is the UK’s number one country music online magazine.

Since it’s beginning in 2002, the magazine has undergone many changes and phases, including re-design and a broadening of material covered. Right now the magazine features over 50 professional writers, each with their own passion for music journalism that has driven Maverick into 2011 and is bringing more and more readers on board for this exciting journey. Delving into new music, bringing to your attention artists about to go on tour, and discovering the re-releases of some very old material, there’s no doubt Maverick offers something for everyone. Whether it’s Taylor Swift you like, Marty Stuart, Trace Adkins, Carrie Underwood or The Unthanks, Carrie Elkin, Kevin Montgomery and other popular touring singer songwriter artists in the UK, you’ll find more than enough to keep you entertained month to month. Welcome to the UK’s number one country music magazine that believes in crossovers! So what are you waiting for? Boasting a 12 month (12 issue) subscription for just 20 and individual copies for just 2 per copy, there’s no reason not to find out what everyone’s been talking about… Find out more today by going to


 Having now received Maverick for nearly three years I have to say I find it
the BEST read of any music magazine, and it costs me a small fortune in
seeking out the Artist's music that you guys feature each issue!
Martin Blackmore, Editor/Managing Director of Roots Of Rock Limited, New Zealand

I have been a subscriber from day one, and switched to the on-line subscription almost immediately it was available - mainly because it was cheaper, but also to help the environment! Keep up the good work, and I hope to see you at a venue somewhere soon, even if its not one of yours!

John Newman

Thanks for the January download - got it and saved it ok. Technology moves on! Wish you all the best! I can now put it onto disc to read on my night shifts were I pass many happy nights reading the magazine at 1-3am…



I am very happy to continue my subscription. PDF format would be best for me I think. I value your magazine enormously. I also admire your energy and passion to bring the magazine and the music to life. It is inspiring. Every reader has been introduced to a new artist or genre. Without the window you present on that world it would be less exciting, less fulfilling and great music would remain undiscovered. I am one of those who can indulge in the purchase of music and I do. I have a wide interest from classical to jazz to heavy rock to prog rock to blues to roots and folk. It is a magical world. Without doubt your magazine has drawn me to new landscapes. So huzzah to you and the team. Long may the passion burn. I thank you for taking the time to write to me individually. I wish you a fair wind to enable you to continue to bring such great stuff to us all. And fingers crossed for a Maverick Festival for 2011 when I will back in UK. God Bless

Nik Chapman (UK Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan)


I have downloaded the PDF for the Feb issue and will enjoy as I always do reading your excellent magazine. I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy the contents of each magazine which is put together by someone who cares about the music and not just to make a buck from it. I read the entire magazine from cover to cover every month and use it as a reference to find out new singers and groups which I may not have heard of as they have not travelled from the US.

Thank you again

Iain R Carswell


I am VERY impressed with the quality and service.
Peter Whelpdale


I’d just like to add my voice to others and congratulate you on the broad coverage of musical genres by Maverick. The magazine has gained hugely by covering so many quality people from such diverse backgrounds. In your December issue I really enjoyed Laura Bethell’s in-depth piece on Taylor Swift and your own article about Jim Lauderdale, too. But equally fascinating was the rather moving interview from Nick Dent-Robinson on drummer Richard Newman—a very interesting tale illustrating that it isn’t always all honey being born into the music business.

Please do keep up this range of writing styles and subjects…it is what sets Maverick apart. The quality of writing in the magazine with comprehensive coverage of subjects is greatly appreciated. I also like the CD reviews—both long and short—as well as the report on gigs. With thanks for so much enjoyment over quite a few years, now.

Dan Ford, Berkshire


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